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Extra Grace Required

I share today's excerpt from Faithbook of God because Marc and I are moving to Austin, TX this week! We covet your prayers for extra grace during our road trip with our fur child, … More

NYC Bound in 13 Days

As if I didn't have enough excitement in my life of moving to Austin, TX from San Diego, CA in 5 days—I am NYC bound in 13 days to meet a new client! My new friend, Maria … More

Growing Impatient

I am sharing an excerpt on Growing Impatient from Faithbook of God because Marc and I are moving to Austin, TX in less than 10 days. There is so much to be done around the house … More

When Grace Appeared

I enrolled at Biola University to finish my degree at age 24, and that's when grace appeared in the form of a life coach. Through Vickie, God gave me what I really needed at the … More

Dear Christian Woman

Dear Christian Woman, I want you to know that God's heart bleeds for you as a husband and we are His bride. This morning, I woke up with a burning heart. I couldn't get over this … More

Living Without Regrets

What does living without regrets really look like? As I begin "moving" forward in faith towards Austin, TX—I sense God's Presence convicting me of sin while encouraging me to live … More

When Broken Hearts Are Mended

Lately, God has allowed me to experience what it looks and feels like when broken hearts are mended. And I must say—I'm impressed! When I moved to San Antonio, TX 10 years ago, … More